4TheWall Intros Designer S for Videowall Control Management

4TheWall Intros Designer S for Videowall Control Management

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By design, Designer S operates on any standard computer as a video wall control without need for any special graphics cards. Computers (including mini-PCs) can be mounted behind the screen– without requiring expertise in most projects.


A web (HTTPS) based software, 4TheWall’s Designer S targets customers who run crisis management centers, command and control centers, CCTV monitoring centers and operator centers with web pages such as NOC, SOC (dashboard, local sites or external sites) — and anywhere IP-based sources are mostly used.

4TheWall CEO Cihangir Karalar notes, “We aimed for more effective software by developing additional features to our existing software. We have created an area where our customers can integrate the Designer S software to their existing systems, and this will provide flexibility to the customers.”

The new software provides borderless web page source view. Its easy-to-use interface is compatible with Android / Windows / IOS operating systems and has a web-based automation module that can be used in many devices. Audio and video sources in the environment can be controlled from a single point with the automation module.

Supported source types: 4K physical video and audio input (HDMI/DVI/SDI or analog), H.264 and H.265 decoding, IP stream, video, browser, YouTube, Google Maps, PDF viewer, image (JPG, PNG, BMP etc.) and others.
4TheWall developed its first version of a videowall controller management software (for crisis management center and command centers of defense industry in Turkey) in 2012.
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This Article was first published by Digital Signage News.

Published by Digital Signage News

April 1, 2021

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