7 Insightful UC Healthcare Studies to Read in 2022

7 Insightful UC Healthcare Studies to Read in 2022

Healthcare organisations can unlock incredible opportunities with access to the right unified communications tools. Through UCaaS, professionals in any environment can work together to deliver exceptional treatment and care to today’s patients. UCaaS can also improve the efficiency of healthcare teams, minimise mistakes, and improve the flow of data. 

Of course, sometimes understanding the true potential of a solution like UCaaS, means exploring the use cases shared by other groups and brands. Here are some of the most insightful healthcare studies you should consider reading in 2022. 

  1. RingCentral and Harmony Health

A growing firm in the highly regulated industry of health insurance, Harmony Health needed to significantly upgrade its features and capabilities in the communication landscape. 

The brand felt it was outgrowing its original phone service provider too quickly, making it harder for teams to collaborate and communicate with consumers. Scott Harrison, Co-Founder for Harmony Health, said it got to the point where it could no longer handle day-to-day requirements without a new business phone service. 

The integration of the RingCentral business phone solution with Harmony Health’s existing CRM made it easier for the team to operate rapidly and serve customers even during the challenges of the pandemic. Read the full case study here. 

  1. Poly and Baptist Health Corbin

With groups in the Corbin region unable to access healthcare due to treacherous roads, poor driving conditions, and limited access to public transportation, the Baptist Health group needed a solution. Delivering a new level of customer service, while maintaining better collaboration between staff members, required an investment in the modern video conferencing era. 

The Baptist Health team turned to Poly, the market leaders in video conferencing hardware, to access systems like RealPresence Clariti, RealPresence Convene, and the Advantage Service. This all-in-one solution is now in-place to help remote-clinics connect with patients wherever they are and stay more intimately connected with peers. Read the full case study here. 

  1. Cisco Webex and Mercy

Mercy, one of the top five health systems for four years in a row, is responsible for a complex network of hospitals, medical professionals, and nurses. Overall, the group consists of around 40,000 co-workers, distributed across 400 locations. To ensure these indivduals can collaborate over excellent patient care and efficiency, Mercy leverages Webex technology

All online meetings are currently held in Webex video conferences, ensuring every staff member gets information right from the source as quickly as possible. Webex Meetings solutions ensure team members can easily schedule meetings, and track which professionals are available for collaborative sessions. 

Webex Devices even make it possible for team members in the Mercy group to share information which might be crucial to developing patient care. Read the full case study here.  

  1. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise and Care Outlook

Care Outlook, an independent provider of home care services in London, Oxford, and the South East, needed a UC solution to support a team of more than 800 care assistants providing support to adults of all ages. The group needed access to an affordable, reliable solution capable of facilitating better communications between caregivers, patients and staff. 

Accessing Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow services, Care Outlook was able to implement their new telephony solution in a matter of hours, unlocking new levels of team productivity and performance. The healthcare group also noted access to the reliable cloud-based system ensures they’re less likely to miss a crucial, or life-saving call. 

The Rainbow platform from ALE allowed Care Outlook to significantly improve patient service, boost collaboration between teams, and reduce expenses at the same time. See the full case study here.

  1. Zoom and Baylis Medical

The Baylis Medical team has been delivering state-of-the-art medical products and training since 1986, helping teams to deliver a higher quality of care, and save lives. The teams at Baylis medical frequently used conference rooms with video meeting technologies to improve collaboration among the workforce, but recurring issues with legacy tech made it hard to ensure efficiency. 

According to the team, it became obvious a new innovation was necessary to make their meeting rooms more successful. As the teams at Baylis Medical began to explore remote working environments during the pandemic, they decided to start exploring the benefits of Zoom, not just as a Meeting solution – but a full UCaaS service. 

The Zoom UCaaS system allowed the Baylis Medical team to unlock a new level of productivity, allowing for ongoing creativity and innovation in the healthcare space. Read the full case study here. 

  1. Cisco and Parkview Medical Center

Parkview Medical Center discovered their workflow wasn’t as efficient as it should have been, with many team members struggling to collaborate in a distributed environment. Caregivers often carried several single-purpose devices which frequently dropped network connections, leading to fragmented workflows and communications. The team decided something needed to be done.

Working with both Apple and Cisco simultaneously, the group implemented a wireless wellness program, which included upgrading their Cisco UCaaS capabilities, and implementing new technology for mobile interactions among team members. 

The result has been a significant reduction in time spent on documentation and coordination in the medical environment and a 100% increase in bedside specimen collection to enhance information sharing. Read the full case study here. 

  1. 8×8 and Pivot

Founded in 2000, Pivot Health Solutions delivers support to patients in 280 locations throughout the East Coast. The group has expanded its services to provide everything from sports medicine and training to occupational therapy. There’s also an extensive sports medicine network available through Pivot for more than 50 athletic scholastic departments. 

Rapid growth in the Pivot business began leading to fragmentation and inefficiencies throughout the organisation. To rectify this problem, Pivot started working with 8×8, implementing the virtual office communications system to ensure a unified environment for teams. The result was a more coordinated workforce, and a better quality of service for the various groups Pivot needed to stay connected to. Read the full case study here. 

This Article was first published by UC Today.

Published by UC Today

January 28, 2022

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