BlueJeans Launches Virtual Office

BlueJeans Launches Virtual Office

BlueJeans has launched a virtual workspace designed to spark the same sporadic conversations that take place in physical offices.

BlueJeans Spaces lets users start instant conversations with employees or ‘walk’ through the virtual office as an avatar and hear what others are talking about.

The virtual space is designed as an alternative, or contrast, to video meetings.

In a blog post, BlueJeans said: “When you are in a Space with your colleagues, you can easily strike up an audio-only conversation with those around you, quickly glance at who’s available for a brainstorming session, or pass through the virtual hallways to simply hear what everyone’s talking about.

“It’s a virtual workspace that simulates the social experience of being in an office. With Spaces, we recognized that every interaction doesn’t need to be a video call.

“Instead, Spaces provides users the flexibility to work alongside their team members in a virtual room, while having access to a full complement of collaboration tools to do their best work…whether on video or not.”

BlueJeans said that spatial audio will mean that a co-worker stood next to the user will sound louder, while people on the otherwise of the office will sound quieter, to replicate physical offices.

The virtual spaces are customisable and can take the shape of a café or war room. Rooms can also be 2D or headset-free 3D (see the video above).

The platform also has video and chat functionality for group and one-to-one communication.

BlueJeans said that interested parties can request an early preview here.

The firm also recently announced a partnership with Google Glass that will see it bring AR meetings to the headset.

This Article was first published by UC Today.

Published by UC Today

October 4, 2021

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