Broadsign, DOOHX Partner On New Online Courses Intended To Demystify The Very Mystifying World Of Digital Out Of Home

Broadsign, DOOHX Partner On New Online Courses Intended To Demystify The Very Mystifying World Of Digital Out Of Home

October 7, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Sixteen:Nine doesn’t heavily cover the digital OOH industry for three main reasons:

  1. There’s more than enough broadly going on in digital signage to keep me busy;
  2. Digital OOH is very much a distinct thing – an advertising medium and separate ecosystem that uses digital signage technologies;
  3. I can’t always figure out WTF these companies are going on about when they start into their programmatic descriptions and pitches.

So maybe I should take a new set of courses that have been announced by DOOH-focused CMS firm Broadsign and DOOHX, an online learning platform that’s dedicated to DOOH education.

Called pDOOH 101 (the “p” is short for programmatic), the courses offer “self-paced learning tracks, which feature robust curriculum comprising video lectures, reviews, and quizzes that demystify the rapidly evolving worlds of DOOH and programmatic DOOH (pDOOH).”

Says Broadsign, in launching the courses:

Now available, the first track pDOOH 101 is broken down into ten modules, each featuring up to four separate sections. Every module begins with an overview, which is followed by a series of training videos, and wraps with a content review and assessment. Participants who have finished and passed each track will receive additional ongoing support and resources via DOOHX’s Slack channel, which includes exclusive access to FAQs, Q&As, community discussion boards, and insight from real-world DOOH experts in the form of blog posts and podcasts. They’ll also walk away with a certificate of completion, a digital badge for use across social platforms, and a foundational understanding of the basics of pDOOH, including: 

  • How pDOOH works and the associated terminology
  • Key pDOOH players, challenges, and opportunities  
  • Types of campaigns and planning
  • Creative executions and possibilities
  • Targeting, trigging, and data tactics 
  • Best buy and sell practices

In addition to pDOOH 101, DOOHX also plans to launch a DOOH 101 certification program later this year for digital marketers and media buyers with a previous understanding of programmatic trading who are looking to expand their expertise into DOOH. Additional coursework and certifications that dive deeper into advanced DOOH contexts are currently in development and anticipated to launch in 2022. 

“Advertiser interest in DOOH is surging, especially with the future of third-party targeting up in the air and DOOH’s programmatic transition rapidly progressing. Yet barriers to adoption, largely educational in nature, have prevented the ad industry from realizing the medium’s full potential,” says Edith Gagne, vice president, programmatic success, Broadsign. “With initiatives like Programmatic U and DOOHX, we’re working to give professionals all the tools they need to understand and make the most out of a powerful medium and to help grow DOOH’s role in the larger digital advertising ecosystem.”

“Working with Broadsign, we’ve designed our DOOH and pDOOH 101 courses to serve a range of industry players – from OOH professionals who recognize the growing need to up-skill in programmatic DOOH, to brands, agencies, and publishers working to hone their pDOOH offering,” shared Brooke Ermogenis, head of insight, DOOHX. “Whether you are just getting started or are an experienced out-of-home expert looking to scale your programmatic business, DOOHX provides a simple way to become an industry expert, and we’re excited to get it into the hands of the community with the help of Broadsign.” 

Taking pDOOH 101 costs $324.00 USD from DOOHX, but there’s a 15% off launch promotion with this link.

The courses are put together by a media veteran, originally from Australia but working, it appears, in Munich.

These would undoubtedly be helpful in onboarding people, coming from different angles, on what DOOH is all about, and outlining the terminology. Between DSPs and SSPs and RTBs and exchanges and on and on, the ad-tech side of DOOH is a bit dizzying, even for people like me who’ve been around it for 20-plus years.

This Article was first published by Sixteen Nine.

Published by Sixteen Nine

October 7, 2021

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