Digital Signage and Content Engagement Provider Acquired to Enhance Technology Stack

Digital Signage and Content Engagement Provider Acquired to Enhance Technology Stack

Nashville-based Uniguest acquires UCView to expand its solutions across its served industries

Leading digital engagement technology provider, Uniguest, announced today the acquisition of UCView, a market leader in engagement technology with a focus on digital signage and IPTV.

UCView will merge into Tripleplay, Uniguest’s digital signage and IPTV division, but will continue to serve its customers across stadiums, corporations, education, retail, and other industries. UCView’s international headquarters is based in Northridge, CA, outside of Los Angeles.

What sets UCView apart from its competitors is its scalability, ease of use, and ability to be installed as a cloud solution or on local servers, making it a practical option for any business, no matter how big or small. The hardware agnostic solution offers standard digital signage features, in addition to content automations, real-time player communication, smart TV support, API integrations, and IPTV solutions.

This marks the third acquisition announcement made by Uniguest in 2021. The company acquired digital signage provider JANUS Displays in February of this year followed by the acquisition of Sagely in May, a senior living software technology provider.

“Adding UCView to the portfolio is an exciting next step in the growth of our company,” Uniguest CEO Jeff Hiscox said. “The technology stack and customer base are similar to our Tripleplay division and will be a complementary fit into our organization. We look forward to continuing to offer our customers the best in digital engagement technology and 24/7 support.”

This Article was first published by Uniguest.

Published by Uniguest

September 23, 2021

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