Digital Signage Summit – The Show

Digital Signage Summit – The Show

<ise is="" going="" all="" out="" for="" this="" year’s="" digital="" signage="" summit—the="""" us,="" if="" only="" because="" we’ve="" seen="" a="" preview,="" will="" not="" be="" your="" ordinary="" on-line="" conference. Studio

ISE is going all out for this year’s *Digital Signage Summit—The Show*… trust us, because we’ve seen a preview, this will not be your ordinary on-line conference.
Scheduled on-line for 29th – 30th July 2020, this year’s topic is Digital Experiences for the New Normal challenges and opportunities for retail, corporate and public spaces.
Your hosts, Invidis Consulting’s Florian Rotberg (MD) and Stefan Schieker (Partner) have been traveling (if not risking life and limb at least sticking their neck out more than most of us) to get video footage showing how digital signage in Europe is rising to the challenges of the pandemic era. The Digital Signage Summit team will present offsite reports and interviews from Barcelona and elsewhere, giving you an immersive and new experience.
The presentations will be studio quality, taking the on-line experience to the next level. It will be more TV broadcast than Zoom call. And even the remote presentations have an upgrade.
Taken alone, the insight from Invidis Consulting would be well worth it—as they’ll be releasing their annual Yearbook on the industry…you’ll hear about big sweeping trends and, more importantly, the details that support those trends.
We’re looking forward to the The Digital Signage Leaders Panel 2020. Florian Rotberg will be the moderator and he’ll be joined by Alberto Cáceres, CEO of Trison (Spain), Bernd Hofstoetter, CEO of Storever (France) and Laila Hede Jensen, CCO of ZetaDisplay (Denmark).
Invidis Consulting Florian Rotberg
<and Along the way, you’ll hear from associations:  Simon Jackson at DSO, Jon Sidwick, at AVIXA and Mark Ossel at GSA.
David Haynes from Canada’s Sixteen-Nine will moderate Digital Solutions for the Reopening.
ISE MD Mike Blackman will join for an update on future ISE Events.
And much more content than we can include here. Super stuff because it’s bringing together a wide geography of experts—something we’ve been missing these months since ISE 2020.
Attendees will be able to log-in throughout the two days and gain inspiration and knowledge from keynotes, panel discussions and best practice presentations… Registration is absolutely free and they’ve even considered time zone – as the first day will be programmed in the afternoon (CET) to enable the American audience to participate, and the second day starts in the morning (CET) to make it convenient for APAC delegates to attend.

This Article was first published by Digital Signage News.

Published by Digital Signage News

July 22, 2020

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