Dropbox’s 'Capture' feature embraces async video

Dropbox’s 'Capture' feature embraces async video

Dropbox has created a video message tool that lets users record and send short clips to colleagues, one of three new features aimed at connecting distributed workers.

With Dropbox Capture, users record short films of up to five minutes using their webcam, with options to also record their screen, create a GIF, or send a voice message. The content, which is uploaded to the user’s Dropbox account, can be sent to colleagues via a hyperlink and viewed or accessed on demand.

Dropbox Capture is another example of asynchronous communication, meaning messages are accessed whenever is convenient for the recipient. This contrasts with real-time video and voice meetings that require an instant response, and were heavily relied on as businesses adapted to the increase in remote work during the pandemic.

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This Article was first published by Computerworld.

Published by Computerworld

September 29, 2021

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