Epson Adds PixAlign Camera To Its Collection Of Setup Tools

Epson Adds PixAlign Camera To Its Collection Of Setup Tools

Epson ELPEC01 Camera

Epson has released the PixAlign ELPEC01 camera, a new tool to help with the setup of their interchangeable lens projectors. The camera can be used in conjunction with the Epson Projector Professional Tool (EPPT) software to greatly speed and simplify multi-projector installations.

The PixAlign camera can be attached, without the need of extra tools, directly to a projector body or ultra-short throw lens in Epson’s Pro Series laser line, including the Pro L1000 Series, Pro L30000UNL, and a few select discontinued models. It’s built for use with the ELPLX01S, 02S, 01WS, and 02WS periscope-style UST lenses.

Epson ELPEC02 EB PU1000 Series
The PixAlign camera attached to an EB-PU1000 Series projector.

In conjunction with the EPPT application—available for both Windows and macOS—the camera allows for tiling of up to 15 projectors and stacking assist for two or more projectors to create a brighter picture. Color calibration can be matched across multiple networked projectors (this does not require the EPPT app). For all functions, a separate camera is required for each projector.

EpsonPixAlingwUSTLens slider

The PixAlign ELPEC01 camera is available now and has an MSRP of $485.

This Article was first published by Projector Central.

Published by Projector Central

April 13, 2022

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