HidraLink: What’s in a Name

HidraLink: What’s in a Name

Hiperwall has “a shiny new visual communications product” that makes it extremely easy to put content on multiple displays driven by a PC.


It lets you manage displays that are not in line-of-sight. In addition, it can spread content across groups of displays for mini-video walls.

And it’s called HidraLink.

Sure, the basis for the name is the mythical multi-headed Hydra, since the software uses a single PC with multiple heads (displays). Then, in keeping with Hiperwall’s naming tradition, they took the “Highly Interactive” part of the Hiperwall name and made “Hidra” as the product family name.

It can still be pronounced “hi (as in hello)- dra” like the Greek and Roman mythical beast. At least in English.

HidraLink is their first Hidra product– and it’s designed for visual communications in lobbies, hallways, and high traffic areas.

For example, a timely and useful application for HidraLink is displaying thermal camera feeds in lobbies for temperature screening of employees and visitors.

The company added the capability to flip the application feeds as they are shown on the displays to provide a natural view to the people being seen by the thermal detection camera.

Go HidraLink

This Article was first published by Digital Signage News.

Published by Digital Signage News

September 24, 2020

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