Hikvision Launches a Range of LED Displays

Hikvision Launches a Range of LED Displays

Developed and manufactured internally, Hikvision’s new LED displays offer indoor fine pitch LED, indoor fixed LED, outdoor LED, and transparent LED technologies to cover a range of customization needs.

Hikvision DS-D4225FI-CWF

Hikvision, which calls itself the world’s biggest maker of video surveillance equipment, has been banned since August from selling to U.S. federal government agencies on the grounds its products could pose a threat to security.) Launching the new LED display product line marks the entry of Hikvision into the global market for commercial digital displays.

The company is 42% owned by Chinese state investors and its two main founders. It pulls in nearly 30% of its 50 billion yuan ($7 billion) in annual revenue from abroad.

Hikvision says its new LED displays are designed specifically to meet the growing market demand from enterprise and public safety organizations, advertising companies, and the entertainment industry—an option for monitoring centers, meeting rooms, indoor and outdoor advertising screens, live spectator events, and a host of other scenarios.

Equipped with the unique Pix Master image processing technology, the maker says these displays offer improved image sharpness, dynamic contrast, saturation, and enhanced clarity from all directions.

Other features include:

  • Remote control
  • One-click color-temperature mode-switching
  • Automatic dehumidification
  • Blue light filtering

Additionally, Hikvision’s LED displays simplify joining screens together (for video walls) via a standardized structure for easy installation and maintenance.

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This Article was first published by Digital Signage News.

Published by Digital Signage News

April 9, 2020

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