Improving Digital Signage for Retail with Lift & Learn

Improving Digital Signage for Retail with Lift & Learn

Wallboard’s Lift and learn solution facilitates unique product interactions with digital signage platforms. But what does this really mean? When a customer visits a retail store and finds a product they are interested in, they typically lift it up to take a closer look. With Lift and Learn, the screen above the product changes and displays unique product information (price, availability, etc.). This is a simple use case, but it can be set up to perform much more complex actions. For example, when someone lifts two products off their display shelves at the same time, the screen could show the customer a comparison between the two. The varieties of the shown content are endless. This solution can work for any product regardless of size. From electric toothbrush heads to lawnmowers, Wallboard’s Lift and Learn solution can do it all.


 Let’s start with a product display showing 9 different types of electric toothbrush heads. These toothbrush heads are small, and an RFID reader or tag can not fit on them. Instead, tiny magnets can be attached to the toothbrush heads’ base. These magnets are paired with 9 other magnets on the base of the display. When a toothbrush head (and its magnet) are removed from the display, the sensor then sends a signal to the media player and content specific to that product begins to play on the screen.


With the bigger products – such as lawnmowers – where it is harder to precisely place the product, a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacon can be used. When the lawnmower is moved from its original position, these beacons send out signals to the media player that then begins playing content.



This can also be used on a display for moderately sized products, such as shoes. These products are the easiest to deal with because they are big enough to attach any type of sensor to them (light, magnet, RFID, BLE), and small enough to be positioned accurately.


In conclusion, the Lift and Learn solution is a great tool to inform one’s customers about any product in an eye-catching and creative way.

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October 19, 2021

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