Microsoft Launches Teams Device Trade-In Service

Microsoft Launches Teams Device Trade-In Service

Microsoft has launched a device trade-in service that gives businesses cash for their old meeting room and video conferencing equipment.

The programme is managed by Network-Value, a US business that specialises in device lifecycle services.

Businesses are not required to purchase any products or services from Microsoft in order to use the programme, but it is designed to drive Teams adoption.

In a blog post, Microsoft said the service “makes it easy for businesses to receive cashback for their existing meeting room video conferencing equipment and desktop phones when switching to Microsoft Teams”.

The programme is available globally, with the exception of countries that are embargoed by the US.

Microsoft said the service will accept devices including meeting room systems and kits, video conferencing devices, desktop IP phones and displays, web cameras, speakerphones and room accessories. A full catalogue of accepted devices can be found here.

Businesses interested in trading in devices can submit details of their products on the Microsoft website, after which Network-Value will contact them and quote the trade-in price – then provide details for shipping if the customer opts to continue the process.

Microsoft highlighted three key benefits of the programme:

  • Competitive pricing: obtain maximum value for your eligible used devices when upgrading to new technology
  • Convenience: all trade-in and recycling logistics are coordinated by Network-Value, saving you valuable time
  • Global coverage: Network-Value accepts trade-ins from your offices worldwide

This Article was first published by UC Today.

Published by UC Today

January 31, 2022

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