Next-Gen Kiosks Get @Ultraleap TouchFree Tooling

Next-Gen Kiosks Get @Ultraleap TouchFree Tooling

Next-Gen Kiosks Get @Ultraleap TouchFree Tooling

Written by Daily Dooh

September 27, 2021

Ultraleap has launched TouchFree Tooling, allowing designers and developers to move beyond touchless retrofits, and design brand new, innovative interfaces with a gesture-first approach.

This development follows the success of Ultraleap’s award winning TouchFree application which was launched in October 2020. The application provided a way to quickly retrofit existing kiosks and touchscreens in response to the pandemic.

Using TouchFree Tooling will give developers complete control over cursor design and how their application reacts to users’ hand movements. Creators will be able to develop truly innovative self-serve kiosk and interactive digital signage user experiences that push the boundaries of UX and create the next generation of self-serve or interactive kiosks.

Ultraleap has also released the latest version of TouchFree (2.0) which includes a number of updates and new features, including the company’s latest interaction style, Touch Plane. Touch Plane creates an interaction plane, much like a virtual touchscreen, hovering a few centimetres in front of the physical screen. It enables quicker, more intuitive user journeys and is particularly suitable for transactional self-serve kiosks.

Pierre Gauvin, CTO and Founder at Things Factory said, “We’ve already successfully integrated Ultraleap’s hand tracking cameras and TouchFree 1.0 software into our TouchUp™ touchless kiosks. We are excited to see how the new TouchFree Tooling will enable more innovative touchless interfaces to run on our smart contactless registration kiosks.”

Since TouchFree 1.0 was launched, Ultraleap has won the Self-Service Innovation Award for Best COVID-19 solution and is a finalist in the Innovation of the Year category at the UK’s National Technology Awards. Ultraleap has also seen TouchFree integrated in places like museums, aquariums, offices, airports, restaurants and train stations. Outside of a number of pilots, the company has also announced integrations and installations with Things Factory, Image Holders, Cortina/Aquarium of the Pacific and SimplyNUC.

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This Article was first published by Daily Dooh.

Published by Daily Dooh

September 27, 2021

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