OnePlus Buds Pro Truly Wireless Headphones Review

OnePlus Buds Pro Truly Wireless Headphones Review

The OnePlus Buds Pro Truly Wireless are the upgraded variant of the OnePlus Buds Truly Wireless. To get the most out of these in-ears, you should pair them with a OnePlus phone, and if you use them with an Android or iOS device, you may find them a little lacking. That said, these headphones have a few new features. They now have a OnePlus companion app and a secondary app for users without a OnePlus phone, both of which offer 'OnePlus Audio ID', a hearing test that optimizes their sound profile based on your unique hearing abilities. They also have active noise cancelling (ANC), although it offers a sub-par overall performance. Unfortunately, their battery performance isn't great, although they have a 'Warp Charge' feature that's advertised to offer roughly 10 hours of continuous playback time with 10 minutes of charge time.

This Article was first published by RTings.

Published by RTings

September 27, 2021

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