Portrait Displays Announces the ASUS ProArt A1 as First Calman Verified Projector

Portrait Displays Announces the ASUS ProArt A1 as First Calman Verified Projector

Portrait Displays, makers of Calman color calibration software, have announced the ASUS ProArt A1 as the first projector to gain the Calman Verified certification.

Portrait ASUS ProArt A1 front

The name Calman is likely familiar to most ProjectorCentral readers as it’s mentioned in many of the reviews posted on the site. Portrait Displays’ Calman calibration software, in conjunction with a spectrophotometer or colorimeter and a pattern generator, is used to measure and calibrate the color points and grayscale of the projectors we review. It’s been the standard in color calibration for a while now, used by ISF-certified calibrators to get the best picture out of displays, whether they be in our home or used by studio professionals.

The Calman Verified program has been around for a couple years, but until the ASUS ProArt A1 LED projector the only verified displays have been monitors and laptops from ASUS, BenQ, and MSI. The Calman Verified certification guarantees that the ProArt A1 comes pre-calibrated with a Delta E average color value of under 2.0 and a max value under 4.0. Delta E is a numerical indication of how close to perfect a projector’s color and grayscale accuracy is, the closer to 0 the better. Anything under 3.0 is considered to be excellent.

Portrait ASUS ProArt A1 top

Each ProArt A1 will come with a Calman color calibration testing report that displays the average and max color accuracy Delta E, Delta E values for 32 different color points, color temperature measured at 32 points across grayscale and gamma value across the brightness curve. The testing report will also list the test equipment used for the calibration. The calibration is conducted on the sRGB color mode of each ProArt A1—one of eight color modes on the projector.

The ASUS ProArt A1 is a 1080p (1920×1080) DLP LED projector that accepts signals up to 4K (3840×2160) resolution. It is rated at 3,000 lumens, 98% coverage of the sRGB color space (which is almost identical to Rec. 709), and a 800:1 contrast ratio. The solid-state light source will last up to 30,000 hours with no maintenance necessary.

It is capable of projecting an image up to 200 inches and has a manual zoom ratio of 1.2x and throw ratio of 1.3-1.56:1. The projector has vertical and horizontal keystone adjustment ±40 degrees in both orientations and four-corner keystone adjustment.

Portrait ASUS ProArt A1 connections

On the back are two HDMI 2.0 inputs, VGA in, two USB (one for the included WiFi dongle), analog audio in and out, and a RS-232. The projector measures 3.89 x 15.94 x 11.14 inches (HWD) and weighs 12.56 pounds. The ProArt A1 is available now for $1,499 and comes with a two year warranty.

This Article was first published by Projector Central.

Published by Projector Central

September 17, 2021

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