Top UC Vendors Majoring in Financial Services in 2022

Top UC Vendors Majoring in Financial Services in 2022

Financial services companies, like many businesses in today’s landscape, are going through a period of rapid transformation and growth. Teams are embracing new methods of hybrid work, while clients are demanding faster, more efficient levels of service. 

To stay ahead of the curve, brands need a way to align their teams, streamline the flow of knowledge, and maintain compliance all at the same time. Fortunately, Unified Communications could be the solution. UC offerings allow financial services brands to leverage the benefits of a more productive team, empowered by better collaboration, and aligned tools. 

While there are many UC vendors for financial services brands to choose from, some companies excel in this industry. Here are just some of the UC vendors majoring in financial services for 2022.


Microsoft is one of the most powerful brands in the Unified Communications landscape today. Offering a host of valuable tools, from Azure to Microsoft Dynamics, the Microsoft ecosystem likely already plays a significant part in many financial services technology stacks. For companies already invested in this landscape, Microsoft Teams could represent the perfect tool for UC. 

Microsoft Teams offer a way for companies to build on their existing office and productivity tools with UC, but it’s also one of the more flexible options on the market. Financial services brands can leverage apps and add-ons within teams to make their collaborative experiences more secure or efficient. It’s even possible to access compliant communications through direct routing and Operator Connect services. 


Known throughout the globe for exceptional reliability and performance, Avaya is one of the most highly-commended UC companies available today. The business communications and cloud customer service systems leader offers a range of tools for today’s financial services brands. With Avaya at the heart of your communication strategy, you can align your workforce through tools like Spaces and empower international teams. 

Avaya’s flexible product packages and wide range of solutions for companies from different backgrounds make it ideal for financial services companies with distinctive needs. The Avaya team will work hand-in-hand with any business to create the ultimate UC environment. 


Cisco works with financial services and banking companies worldwide, offering exceptional tools for collaboration, communication, and digital transformation. Cisco’s position as a leader in the communication and networking landscape makes it an excellent choice for financial services companies with high demands around compliance, security, and customisation.

Financial services companies using Cisco’s ecosystem can leverage a host of benefits to make their teams more effective. You can bring staff members in a hybrid environment together with Cisco Webex solutions and access international reliability for all of your communications. Cisco’s solution also promises exceptional levels of access control and security. 


As the communication landscape for financial services companies continues to evolve, brands need to consider their hardware needs just as carefully as their software requirements. The endpoints used by your financial services employees need to be secure, reliable, and easy to use – particularly in today’s world of hybrid and remote work.

Logitech’s wide selection of video, audio, and communication tools ensures that business leaders in the financial services sector can empower employees wherever they are. You can build powerful meeting rooms for collaboration or provide your remote team members with what it takes to leverage the power of video for better communication. 


Versatile and flexible, RingCentral is one of the market leaders in the world of cloud communications today. For financial services companies looking to transition into a more scalable ecosystem, RingCentral could be a perfect choice. The company offers a wide range of powerful features, from messaging and video to international telephony. 

With RingCentral, financial brands can achieve exceptional efficiency and productivity to serve increasingly demanding customers. At the same time, RingCentral goes above and beyond to ensure the security and compliance of its communications technologies. This ensures teams can operate with better peace of mind.


An innovator in the communications space, Vonage makes it possible for any company to embed more of the communication technology they need into their existing environment. Vonage Business Communications activates conversations for financial services teams worldwide, across a multitude of channels, from voice and video to SMS. 

Part of what makes Vonage so compelling in today’s marketplace is the company’s commitment to flexibility. Financial services teams can access pre-built communication tools from Vonage or build the communications tools they need into their existing applications and workflows using APIs and SDKs. The Vonage ecosystem is designed to meet a wide range of needs, crucial in a rapidly-evolving world like finance.


Another market leader for companies in the financial services space looking for the proper hardware to enable their teams, Poly is a crucial innovator for AV systems. In today’s world of hybrid work, bringing teams together in the financial services landscape involves combining the right software and communication systems with tools employees feel comfortable using in any environment.

Poly’s focus on simplicity, excellence, and reliability in any space make it an excellent choice for endpoint investment. Financial services brands can choose Poly to deliver their crucial desk phones and webcams or build entire hybrid meeting room environments within the Poly ecosystem. 


Ideal for financial services companies with a focus on the new age of hybrid work and video-first communications, Zoom is a market leader in the UC world for a reason. The company has soared into the public eye over the last couple of years, promising a convenient way to improve conversations between internal team members and customers. 

Zoom’s comprehensive ecosystem of tools, from meetings technology to phone services, means companies can build a flexible UC stack capable of scaling to suit their needs. The Zoom environment also benefits from being incredibly easy to use, which is ideal for companies focusing on generating rapid adoption. 

This Article was first published by UC Today.

Published by UC Today

April 14, 2022

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