Your Business Needs Team Collaboration Tools, Now More Than Ever

Your Business Needs Team Collaboration Tools, Now More Than Ever

Team Collaboration has been a business essential for years now. With work environments becoming increasingly digitized and dispersed, the need for project collaboration tools and Project Management platforms to optimize team work just keeps on growing. Not to mention WFH and hybrid work becoming the new normal and creating an increased demand for remote collaboration capabilities. 

Why is Team Collaboration Essential?

Team collaboration tools are pretty much a must in getting projects up and running, maximizing team efficiency and accomplishing optimal results. Features like group calendar, progress tracking, document sharing and instant messaging help increase productivity. They also assist in getting everyone on the same page and solving problems quicker by easily sharing information between relevant team members. Having all project-related information gathered in the same place is another huge plus.  

This set of tools creates effective collaboration even when team members are dispersed across different geographical locations, which is becoming extremely common nowadays. Tasks that used to require cumbersome email correspondences can now be solved quickly in-platform. How great is that? 

Why Go For Zoho Projects

With years of market experience, Zoho Projects offer a diverse set of features meant to simplify and improve team collaboration processes. Many of the platforms’ features are actually based on useful social media features, which helps make team collaboration experience more social and enjoyable. 

Zoho Projects is available in both desktop and mobile interfaces, offering top collab and Project Management features: 

  • Social media-like feed – an interactive feed allowing users to catch up on recent activity by other team members and reply to it 
  • Chat functionality for individual or group instant messaging, allowing real-time discussions and sharing of ideas 
  • ‘Forums’ feature for longer, more complex discussions, allowing division into folders according to topic   
  • ‘Pages’ feature – a wiki-like interface allowing to create a project database, where members can add any relevant information and materials  
  • ‘Documents’ feature for shared file management, allowing to collaborate over different types of documents and build presentations   
  • A group calendar to schedule team meetings and gather relevant notes

“There was a lot of frustration that we used to have before implementing Zoho Projects regarding ‘who’s doing what,’ ‘is it done yet,’ ‘how much longer until it’s done,’” shares Alyssa Hilstad, Project Manager at CIS Agency. 

“One of the biggest benefits Zoho Projects gave our team is that ease of communication. Just knowing that everything’s there and anybody can access it to know exactly where they’re at without having to waste time on texting or calling.”   

For more information on Zoho Projects, visit here. 


This Article was first published by UC Today.

Published by UC Today

October 5, 2021

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