Zoom Launches Expo from Zoom Events

Zoom Launches Expo from Zoom Events

Zoom has launched new services for Zoom Events that give organisations more ways to engage with attendees. 

Zoom Events is an all-in-one platform for creating a wide range of interactive and immersive virtual events that engage audiences of any size. 

Expo, which is available with Zoom Events Licences, is a virtual exhibition hall in which users can move around an avatar and interact with counterparts. 

Zoom’s Robin Bunevich said: “On the virtual expo floor, they can move freely around the space, network with individuals through one-on-one chat, and join other participants in Expo booths for topic-based conversations. 

“Attendees also can interact with sponsors, engage in live conversation, and explore topics in a deeper way. 

“Booth representatives or sponsors can host multiple simultaneous conversations in a booth, and attendees can preview those meetings before deciding to join” 

Zoom Events enables large and small businesses alike to seamlessly manage and host back-to-back event sessions from sales summits, customer events, trade shows and internal events.  

In October, Zoom announced the availability of Zoom Events Conference, which allows Zoom Events license holders to host their own multi-day and multi-session conferences. With the Conference event type, event planners and hosts have more ways to host impactful virtual experiences, manage large events and better engage attendees, Zoom says. 

Expo is designed to help event organisers drive greater engagement for their event attendees and sponsors. For sponsors, it can help them build lead generation. 

Users can interact with anyone, both parties have made themselves available to network, by sending a chat request. 

There are two types of booths that can be enabled by the event organiser: sponsored and non-sponsored. Organisers can have one or both of these enabled, and Zoom Meetings can be hosted in booths to drive engagement beyond chat. 

Sponsors can also attach collateral to their booths, such as videos and PDFs. 

Platform Updates

Expo one of many announcements made by Zoom at the end of this month, spanning its entire portfolio. 

In Meetings, language interpretation can be enabled by default to create smooth processes for participants regardless of their native language. Learn more about the language interpretation feature here. 

The in-meeting UI will also now display the same language as the web browser a participant is using to streamline the start of meetings. 

Meeting hosts now have the option to add videos to meeting rooms to share information before a meeting has started. They can do this via the Zoom web portal when setting up a meeting. 

In Zoom Rooms, Smart Gallery is now available on both MacOS and Windows devices, and any certified USB camera. Smart Gallery creates multiple video feeds from a single conference room, creating an experience more similar to having everyone join a meeting individually. 

Read UC Today’s coverage of Smart Gallery here. 

Zoom Rooms Controllers have also been giving a makeover, with a new interface coming with version 5.9 – making it more consistent with the wider Zoom portfolio.  

In Zoom Phone, a new beta update allows users to add four or more parties to a call, up from the previously allowed three. Callers can speak to incoming participants before they join, while other participants will be notified of new entrants. Call hosts also have the ability to remove individuals. 


This Article was first published by UC Today.

Published by UC Today

January 28, 2022

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